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TSM Jewelry Pouches

TSM has made exquisite jewelry pouches for jewelry companies in Germany, the Netherlands, France, the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia and other countries. Until 2018, we have cooperated with 16,000 jewelry brands.

The jewelry pouches we made have won unanimous praise and recognition from customers. The following are the four most popular jewelry pouches of different materials.

1. Cotton jewelry pouches, recyclable natural organic cotton jewelry pouches are very popular with some environmentally-conscious jewelry brands.

Cotton Drawstring Bag (8).jpg

2. Pu leather jewelry pouches, looks very luxurious, most popular with some high-end jewelry brands.

Leather Jewelry Pouch (4).jpg

3. Microfiber jewelry pouches, are very fashionable and popular jewelry packaging, usually Microfiber jewelry pouches with debossed logo.

Microfiber Jewelry Pouch (1).png

4. Velvet jewelry pouches, look very exquisite and very popular with Asian jewelry brands.

Jewelry Pouch (1).jpg



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