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Drawstring Bag Printing Process

TSM drawstring bag, in addition to fashionable styles and a variety of colors, you can also choose your favorite craft to print your logo. The following are the characteristics of various printing processes.

1. Screen printing logo. This process is more common in textile printing and is also called screen printing. Blend the color paste and water-based elastic glue during printing. No chemical solvents are used when washing the printing plate, and it can be washed directly with water. The biggest feature of this is good tinting strength and strong covering. Make it firm and washable, so there is basically no peculiar smell.   

2. Hot foil stamped logo , the characteristic is that the logo looks shiny, Hot foil stamped has a variety of colors, for example, Gold foil stamped, silver foil stamped, rose gold foil stamped and so on.    

3. De bossed logo. This logo processing method is often used in Suede and Microsoft material drawstring bags . It is characterized by simple workmanship and a very good-looking logo.    

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