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Why Should I Use Cotton Packaging For My Products?

Year after year pouches has been being transformed into packaging for more and more products. Whether it is a piece of jewelry or an underwear, all of our cotton wrappings share the same features:

Respectful to Your Brand – fabric packaging is reused and stays with your Client for longer. Your company logo will not be seen shredded or creased in the outside bin. It may or not store your product but it will always be carrying your brand with pride.

Unique and Bespoke – no other company will have the same packaging as you. Made for you by us according to your specifications. Our pouch will be adjusted to the shape and size of your product and will reflect the overall feel of your company. There is a wide range of fabrics in various colors and weights, string finishes to choose from.

Customized with Your Logo – it can be screen and digitally printed or embroidered. We offer a wide range of labels – satin, woven or cotton that could be sewn inside or outside the bag. Not to mention the latest trend which is mixing print with embroidery within the same artwork.

Inseparable Part of the Press Release or Product Launch – it is a great way of presenting sample products to your potential buyers. Our minimum of 1000 is also an attractive quantity not requiring a huge investment from your side and it is a great test order for everyone in the business.

It Adds Value to your Brand – even though it is more expensive than paper or plastic wrapping, it is worth the price. It is sturdy and long-lasting. It is not one-off packaging but can be reused for many years to come.

It Is Just Useful for Customer – as simple as that. There are pouches in my bathroom cabinet, a kitchen cupboard, in my holiday suitcase, in my daughter’s toy box and on our office desk. Storing and protecting the items inside, and reminding me of the companies we have been working with.

It is fashionable – now is the time to wrap, store and present products in cotton packaging. Slight imperfections, the fact it is being hand made just makes it beautiful and the only one.  

Cotton packaging is a way to go forward. We believe in our products, take great pride in them and the possibilities that cotton packaging gives.

Please contact us so we can make you made to measure cotton drawstring bags. :)





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